Jan 24, 2006

Crouching Meatball Hidden Abramoff

I was trying to write this one myself in under 15 minutes when I found a huge favour done by the Huffington Post and The New Republic Online.

Nineteen eighty-six marked the height of Dolph Lundgren's powers. Following his triumphant portrayal of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, Hollywood pundits touted Lundgren as the Swedish Schwarzenegger. With his girlfriend, the flat-topped Jamaican actress Grace Jones, he formed a muscle-bound glamour couple that paparazzi could hardly resist. Therefore, it made little sense that Lundgren would follow a rookie producer into a small African kingdom to make a B-movie called Red Scorpion.
Read More of The NRO article at The Huffington Post.

Meatball Factoid.
Last year Dolph Lundgren and wife were rated #54 on a tabloid list of most desirable guests at velvet rope hotspots in Stockholm.

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