Jan 9, 2006

Are you lost Sven? Well Bend Over and Cough Buddy

Sweden pursued autonomous development of a post WW2 'black budget' nuclear deterrent until costs were found to be too exhorbitant for the country's population of 8 million to cloak and ultimately bankroll.

Aircraft 37 Viggen was developed in parallel as a delivery platform for Swedish nukes destined for Soviet targets. The home grown Swedish nuke program was eventually choked in favor of the continued and ambitious development of the multi-roll Viggen fighter aircraft.

Viggen's American contemporary in the R&D pipeline at that time was the American F111. Intensive ground breaking work was undertaken in the field of avionics for these planes and Sweden was eventually squeezed into contracting U.S. assistance to solve troubles with Viggen's navigational systems.

The U.S. wasted little time in exploiting Swedish vulnerabilities and offered the Swedes avionics assistance in exchange for...the U.S military's covert access to Swedish health care records (epidemiological data).

The beauty of this access pertains to the fact that Sweden has a universal health care system so any health care event can be discerned by interested trackers. I say no more. The exchange remains covert and active to this day.

The U.S. military has an illustrious recent history of conducting covert scale experiments on major U.S. populations centers. How convenient then with the addition of a Swedish petri dish with all its novelties.


Iz said...


The planned delivery platform for Swedish nukes was the SAAB A36, a project which was discontinued when the development of nuclear weapons stalled in the late 1950s.

The development of the SAAB AJ37 was assisted by the US though, and at a price. The price being a secret agreement to allow US submarines being stationed in Swedish waters in case of war. The exchange of health care records has to my knowledge never been agreed upon nor occurred as part of that deal.

M1 said...

Thnx Iz!