Jan 24, 2006

Hey Meatball - Walk Your Talk and Arrest the Fucker!

Sweden's female minister of defence Leni Björklund (circled right) posing with accused human rights violator Col. Boris Podoprigora (circled left).

As reported earlier, the Russians held their first joint military exercise with the Swedes on Swedish territory today. Of course this is all about conjuring up a modicum of expressed empathy for Russian sensitivities to the fact that the Swedes have for all intents and purposes abandoned any semblance of own military defence and sought all but publicly admitted protection by NATO.

Still neurotically claiming to be non-aligned in peace with the intent of remaining neutral in war the Swedes are trying their darnest to unruffle at least a few Ruskie feathers by feigning even-handed ways through their hosting of Russians for war games.

However in their rush to coo the Russians they've managed to commit a public relations disaster for their lingering and self-proclaimed titel as the consciousness of the free world. Of all the units in all of Russia, they just had to pick the notorious 138th Rifle Brigade to play tag with in the Swedish winter wonderland.

Now get this... the Swedish minister of defence is today blaming her own military for not informing her about the specific niceties of the Russian guests chosen to visit.

Col. Boris Podoprigora finds northern Sweden to be the wrong forum to discuss atrocities that occured under his command in Chechnya.

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