Dec 17, 2005

Terror in the Swedish Heartland

Finally Sweden got its very own al-Qaida attack. Some kid threw a fire cracker at the polling station in Sweden where Iraqi ex-pats were casting their votes for the so-called Iraqi elections.

The prankster declared per anonymous missive (words up that it was written in crayon) that the attack was the dastardly deed of al-Qaida Sweden, a hitherto unheard of entity of terror.

Swedish Meatball media headlined the incident as an al-Qaida attack and now Swedes too can cozy up with the brotherhood of the threatened and beleagured. It feels good to be a part of world events.

So that settles that. The Swedish secret police can now be reassigned and relieved of Vegan spotting duty and protective details like the staking out of high value assets such as openings of new McDonalds franchises and saddle up on tasks that puts the fuzz back on their soy-latt├ęd balls.

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