Dec 13, 2005

Silent Meatballs, Seditious Meatballs

Oh No, Meatballs!! The Swiss are Spilling the Beans.

Swiss senator Dick Marty who is looking into the scandal for the 46-nation Council of Europe human rights watchdog finds it incredulous that certain governments and secret services in Europe had not cooperated with the CIA -- in breach of their human rights obligations.

If Sweden was flying rendition missions in and out of the U.S., kidnapping Americans and torturing them both stateside and abroad - would you not find it incredible that this could carry on without the U.S. knowing squat diddy about it? And wouldn't you be flabbergasted when U.S. authorities, upon hearing of these Swedish activities, simply dismissed the allegations and showed little interest in exhaustively investigating the matter, let alone showing any dismay whatsoever that their sovereignty had been repeatedly breached?

You´d almost be forgiven for assuming the U.S. knew of, and condoned, the vikings and their pillaging. So what are we to make of matters with the tables turned, with the Americans acting with impunity on Swedish sovereign territory? Are Swedish defenses non-existent, or is it that old sidebar wheeling and dealing behind the back of the electorate all over again? One pleasing narrative de reality for the folks, another hard narrative in the shadows.

What the Swedish eaters don't know won't hurt them. They have their welfare state cradle to coffin perks, safety belts, crash-proof Volvos, and bicycle helmet laws - so why don't they just shut the fuck up, eat another meatball and show a little more gratitude to their hard working yankee doodle minders.

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