Dec 11, 2005

My Meatball in Red, I'm Dancing With You

And yet another Nobel banquet went off without a hitch and Sweden made fine use of its yearly allotment of 3 minutes in the global limelight.

Sweden's answer to Prince Charles´ Camilla - Prime Minister Göran Persson´s secret adoring groupie in the wings (or objet d'squeeze as the French would have it) of the past 15 years (until he finally came clean and broke with his wife a few of moons back) Anitra Steen made a splash at the banquet with the healthiest of appetites thus keeping her evening gown absolutely wrinkle free - the same gown by the way that she wore at last year´s banquet when her luva luva spoke on his cell phone while dining. Oh well, fellow diners were at least lucky he's not a smoker!

Miss Anitra Steen had attended the gala on previous occasion but then kisses had to be stolen in coat rooms and not in front of the King and unwitting wives. Quite the journey from the knuckle dragging mining village of Fagersta to grazing through lax mousse and patés as a knighted nomenklaturesse together with the lowly yet celebrated serfs of the meritocracy. Such be da' perks and sacrifices of being the devoted groupie of apparatchiks.