Dec 20, 2005

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Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld guested Larry King on CNN last night and reiterated that removal of his crew from the helm is the same as a declaration of America's defeat in Iraq.

When a crazed gambler is on a losing streak, the only thing that can stop him from winning everything back and a Corvette is if he runs out of credit. According to Rummy it most definitely seems that it is the supplier of credit who should be faulted if any losses were ever to be fessed up to. As long as the crazed gambler is prepared to roll the dice then he can never be blamed for accrued deficits.

Should American popular and fiscal support cease to bankroll this administration's losing stratagems then the Administration will have to divulge their amassed and dangerous losses - and perhaps then even face criminal charges as the blanket of declared forward momentum would dissipate and lay bare their egregious and ubiquitous misdoings.

If the Democrats defy Diebold and Murdoch and take the House in the coming election then something less than now would remain to shield members of this Administration from plausible threats of criminal prosecution (forget mild mannered impeachment). As it stands however, they are completely insulated from even the notion of initiating impeachment proceedings.

So squash-ball-whacking Rumsfeld and his fellow acolytes of doublespeak are desperately attempting to assure their bankrollers that all is dandy at the crap pit and chips are piled sky high. If enough of the Administration's ultimate bankrollers find out the true extent of what has been squandered and how much of this is the Administration's proprietary fault then Rummy, Condi, Dicky, and W could be drawn and quartered by any given noon. They are now fighting for their own necks.

The U.S. has entertained an unsustainable policy vis-a-vis Iraq long before George W. Bush and his ship of whackoid revolutionary fools came to office. This unsustainable policy was destined per flawed design to eventually culminate in procrastinated war with Iraq to remove Saddam.

Given this relative inevitability of war with Iraq regardless of reigning American administration, the determining options available for eventual end game success were the extent and degree to which U.S. military force would dismantle Iraq's security apparatus and then to which posture - and how quickly - the American military would redeploy out of theater once that was accomplished.

Far be it that the current Administration's handling of war with Iraq was the only game plan available as they would have many believe. Unfortunately for most however, the delusional game plan they forced and fumbled forth for Iraq was a strange hybrid of the evangelical, Trotskyite, and the neo-liberal revolutionary pedophile - and it all went stark ravingly mad against all! the collected wisdom of those professionals otherwise tasked and tenured to understand these intricate matters.

Varying degrees of violent Iraqi civil unrest would be the inevitable result of any brute forced American intervention that dismantled Iraqi power structures. Once the caulking of Saddam's regime was dissolved and coalition authority incentives for secular violence were implemented, Iraq was destined to fragment into civil war. American military force is not equipped per design to be caught in the middle of a civil war and act as a nation builder while it's politicians continue to spew out policies and decisions that stoke the cauldron's fire. Instead it is uniquely structured and designed to relentlessly and effectively obliterate standing armies and can do so better than perhaps any military force in the history of man.

However, this very same colossal prowess to kill on a massive scale is also what makes the U.S. military wholly and fundamentally unsuited for the task of nation building and fighting insurgencies caused by defective administration policies and decisions. Nation building tends to find the massive civilian casualties that come part and parcel with American war doctrine particularly non-conducive to its goals. The Americans like no other force in Iraq are responsible for the exponential aspect of the growth of the Iraqi resistance.

The U.S. military was ordered by the administration to stay smack in the middle of the violent internal forces their policies had unleashed and thus serve as both high value target practice drones and high octane fuel for the unleashed factions vying for positions of power in the new Darwinian arena oversee by the CPA. (I'm thinking Yugoslavia and Milošević now)

The toppling of Saddam was a battle that could have been a war won but the Administration's unhinged decision to leave the military stuck and strapped in Iraqi factional crossfire logically and predictably born out of the insanely detached Deconstruction plan for Iraq made that initial battle just a first round skirmish in what immediately became a war destined to be lost by the U.S.

And now, despite the Administration's public declarations to the contrary in the major media meta-debates that rage, debates completely severed from in-country reality, the Administration's more sane moles are most intimately aware of just how FUBAR the situation in Iraq actually is - and how quickly they must turn and topple tables if they are not to be totally unmasked and crucified today instead of tomorrow. Enter the Hail Mary play. Enter the assault on Iran.

Iran is the desperate last bet gambit that they're gonna run to drown and bury their most crippled of messes. Many are well versed in the usual fallout of desperate late-game measures commanded by the very same and varicosed visionaries that got folks into deadly and chronic messes in the first place. History stands rife with deformed and defective leaders rallying support for grandiose last stands.

So now the U.S. is covertly attempting to step up the rate of armed fracture inside Iraq instead of stemming it as part of the Iran prep work. The election last week played its vital part as a gambit invariably serving to visualize clear cut lines drawn between ethnic and religious groupings thus underpinning real fears already raging among Iraqis. American special forces are already deeply engaged in Operation Phoenix like programs featuring duplicitous assassinations intended to fuel hatred and violence between oppositional Iraqi factions as well as drive intellectuals into exile.

Rumsfeld's song and dance number on Larry King last night was poetically saturated with so much lying that pains, otherwise correlated with SOS (Stepmother Overload Syndrome), were activated in Meatball One's one remaining frontal lobe - and this despite the fact that Rumsfeld's litany of fibs was just as informative as was his more truthful confirmation of the redistribution and reconfiguration of troop levels in Afghanistan.

NATO is to step up their presence in Afghanistan as the U.S. deploys a couple thousand of their troops out of Afghanistan to undisclosed theaters. This confirms our reports that non-U.S. forces in various U.S.-alliance configurations will be picking up the slack on Iran's luke warm Afghan flanks while the US positions its troops to points proximal to coming hot points near Iran. The Swedes get to play their beloved peacekeeping roll by assisting in picking up the Afghanistan slack.

All this shuffling of troops has been in high gear for months and bears no correlation whatsoever to any positive developments in Afghanistan. Rumsfeld tried to pass off Afghanistan related troop shufflings as a positive consequence of the progress he claims has been achieved in Afghanistan. All the while, each and every independent report out of Afghanistan suggests that the situation is deteriorating and is a far cry from the meta-perceptions and claims of relative tranquility echoed in mainstream media forums.

Rumsfeld is in the process of reworking perceptions of Iraqi civilians from being fundamental and valuable human assets for nation-building into being targetable and dehumanized masses fit for being the collateral casualties (study your Korean War) to be expected in the Iran air war campaign we expect Q3 '07.

The rising tide of tricky talk will soon have conveniently established Iran as the reason why we're losing our boys and our war in Iraq. Or at least that's the trend we expect to see over the course of the next year or so.

"You got to know when to hold 'em,
know when to fold 'em,
Know when to walk away
and know when to run.
You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done.

Now ev'ry gambler knows
that the secret to survivin'
Is knowin' what to throw away
and knowing what to keep.

'cause ev'ry hand's a winner and ev'ry hand's a loser,
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep."

- Kenny Rogers, The Gambler

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