Dec 15, 2005

Have bin Beard - Will bin Travel!

When Swedish secret services are prevented from extraditing Swedish citizens at the request of the U.S. authorities they are in deep liason with, they bypass the Swedish judicial system using a variety of tactics, one of which has just come to light.

Swedish secret services conveyed a tip-off to American authorities about a Swedish suspect sought by the CIA and FBI. Swedish law prohibited his extradition to the U.S. due to case specific circumstances among which was the lack of any evidence that met with Swedish legal standards. Upon leaving Sweden on route to Lebanon via Prague, Swedish intelligence notified their American counterparts so that the self-acclaimed bin Laden fan could be nabbed outside of Swedish legal jurisdiction. The dumb-fuck thug was then duly nabbed in transit, albeit by once again undermining Swedish due process.

Now you gotta kinda wonder - do the Swedes have rogue intelligence services or are they in proper cahoots with their official minders? Me thinks it's a bit of both.

I suspect we will see a lot more of this modus operandi now that at least a feigned miniscule of attention has been paid to the CIA rendition operations inside Sweden. However most of this issue's deserved attention has been effectively deflected towards the esoterics of how the Swedish State Department bumbled in administering emergency measures for the the Swedes vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami struck earlier this year.

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