Dec 22, 2005

Negro Balls For Meatballs

Up until quite recently, a tasty round confection called a Negro Ball could be bought wherever tasty treats were sold in Sweden. Then out of the blue a few Swedes got to thinking in the tradition of the Enlightenment that perhaps...just perhaps, the nomenclature of Negro Ball might be somewhat disturbing to some of the colored folks residing in Sweden.

Eventually some sort of consensus was reached by most of Sweden's kiosk owners and fund raising Girl Scouts and now for the past 2 years the cherished culinary delight Negro Ball has been marketed more or less as the Coconut Ball.

But when only blond hair and blue eyes are involved in the sales transaction then you can bet your kid's kidneys that a Coconut Ball remains affectionately referred to as nuttin' but a Negro Ball.


A larger percentage of colored folk occupied executive positions during the Apartheid era in South Africa than at present in Sweden.

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