Dec 13, 2005

Saint Enema Day

Just a nod and a wink to the CIA rendition team observed today in Stockholm during the Swedish Lucia celebration - an annual festival of medieval origin, observed on the 13th of December.

On this day, the darkness of The War on Terror was brightened by the CIA's snatch&grab team point man dressed as Saint Lucia, a creature of goodness and light who opened the door to the Christmas season by leading his team out in reverent single file from the U.S. embassy on yet another mission in IKEAland.

On his head, agent Enema One quite convincingly dressed the part of Saint Lucia with his crown of real candles (battery-powered ones would have been a safer option) to give the effect of a halo but forgot to wear the traditional wreath of lingonberry sprigs. Enema One definitely cut a dainty figure in his white, full-length gown with a red ribbon around his waist. His 'female' attendants wore similar gowns and the "star boys" wore white pointy hats decorated with stars.

The procession moved gracefully through the early morning streets outside of the Swedish Parliament and raised few if any eyebrows as they blended most covertly with the other dozen or so more benign Saint Lucia processions criss-crossing the city.

Neither their mark Mohammed Mahmut or the Swedish authorities saw them coming. Only Mohammed and the rendition team knows how they left.

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