Dec 25, 2005

Jeb, Tom & A Frozen Meatball

This time of year the eagle-eyed can usually spot Meatball One binging on Joe's Stone Crabs, Sunday loitering at Nikki Beach, or just worrying about sharks while loitering ankle deep in the waters off of Key Biscayne's Bill Baggs Park. This year however finds Meatball One doing a Jeb Bush, namely secretively floundering about in the mystic Baltic over the holidays.

Governor Jeb Bush and wife have a love affair with the Baltic region and often make highly private, off the radar, and beloved journies to Scandinavia from whence they cruise out of Stockholm through scenic Baltic archipelagos to eventually disembark in the St. Petersburg of their hearts. It appears that word of these pleasantries has spread per whispers and hence Bush-family A#1 fan and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has also given this secret horse trail a run for his money.

As an unexpectedly extended Scandinavian assignment has holidayed Meatball One in on the wrong side of civilized climes he has decided to venture out to an isolated isle in the frozen Baltic for a few stolen days of solitary and internetless vodkatized R&R. Miami must wait.

Merry Christmas all ye Meatballs!

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