Aug 26, 2006

Tender Of One VAT Excempt WMD Pretext

Hey Rumsfeld!

Need some Niger-ish yellow cakey help in securing buttressing pretexts for any pending hits on Syria or Iran?

Here's a conveniently obscure one that can be dusted off and buffed up. I'm sure this crap can be recycled into a credible enough WMD-scare tale.

I'll invoice you from Switzerland so there'll be no VAT surcharges. Consider perhaps mulling over it with Santorum - he might very well be able to find an exploitable angle that eludes the rest of us effwits.

If this exchange turns out to be but the beginning of a long and beneficial relationship for growing pet coffers and Israel then we can let future remunerations run through a great Dutch sandwich set up I have ready to let roar.

PS - How's your squash game faring? Still finding time?

Until Toledo,
Meatball One

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