Aug 24, 2006

People Get Ready, There's A Train A-Coming.

OK, now back to highly speculative and frivolous pièce de résistancies. We seldom go wrong with them. How's this for restarters?

Haven't we projected many a time here at SMC that official admissions of chaos in Iraq would be roosted upon until such time that we need to redeploy our troops into position for our attack on Iran, at which point sudden admissions of civil war will become a handy pretext for the shuffling of fighting assets? I know we have.

Certainly we have pointed out that claims will be made just prior to our attack on Iran that troop redeployments are being made to move troops out of harms way from the ungrateful Iraqi's who have chosen to go beserk instead of embracing the freedom and democracy we have tried so selflessly to endow them with - when of course these admissions of chaos will be but cover for the redeployment of troops into positions of pre-launch readiness.

Oh boy, now we're getting really close to sealing a long done deal. I wouldn't want to be part of any cheese eating multinational buffer zone force in Lebanon, caught in the crossfire of what's soon to go down. Those suckers are nigh to noon about to have their camo-thonged Euroloins tenderized. And such a calamity in itself will probably be used to provide rallying pretext for the timid weekend warrior Euroreluctants to throw a wholehearted shoulder to the U.S. wheel as it thunders over Iran. Even Euroskanks still dream of goose stepping and donning patriotpuffy chests in goosebumps and Kevlar against a pigmented enemy.

British troops today pulled out of a base in southern Iraq that had come under frequent attack, aiming to reposition their forces along the area bordering Iran and crack down on smuggling.

Camp Abu Naji in Amarah, 200 miles south-east of Baghdad, was turned over to Iraqi authorities, Maj. Charlie Burbridge, a spokesman for British forces, said from Basra.

The camp in Maysan province, which had housed about 1,200 troops, had been frequently targeted by militants over the past three years.

On Tuesday, a barrage of 17 mortar rounds was fired at the base, wounding a British soldier.

Another mortar landed in the camp yesterday, although it didn’t cause any casualties.

-Excerpt From The Irish Examiner

Crack down on smuggling my ass!

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