Aug 31, 2006

Mind Fuckers Extraordinaire - The Rendon Group

Much of what is successfully pulled off in the world of psyops is the result of work contracted out to private firms by government entities.

One of the foremost companies operating in the world of psyop production and sales is the Rendon Group. They wage psychological warfare campaigns against the U.S. domestic population, contracted directly or per corporate proxies, on behalf of various U.S. government entities. The irony of course is that the U.S. tax payer is financing a warfare campaign aimed at herself. That my fellow meatballs, is pure poetry.

Somewhere in the world, and always here at home in the U.S., there are hitmen busy at work fucking with millions of minds including your own. Democracy has to be tamed. Fortunes can't be left to the whims of paupers if they are to persist. Continuity is not for the squeamish.

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