Aug 28, 2006

Former CIA Analyst and Presidential Daily Briefer - Iraq And Iran: Pretexts, Lies, And Kooks

Ray McGovern, former CIA Analyst and Presidential Daily Briefer, talks about the role that fudged and spun intelligence played in the lead-up to Iraq and the pending war against Iran. This is an episode of BackTalk produced by Salisbury Democracy for America, Salisbury, MD. Washington DC March 8, 2006


Donald Douglas said...

Good to see your site rotating on Blog Soldiers, even if I disagree with virtually all your posts!

Burkean Reflections

Meatball One said...

Howdy DD!

Oh well, being right all the time is a lonely job. Maybe that's why I drink too much.

Yeah, I've been giving Soldiers a few sporadic runs for my clicks the past few days. Even chanced upon BR a couple o' times. Guess I got tired of my lowly hundred hits a day from the regular .edu, .mil, and .gov visitors. I wanna reach out to the ordinary man. For all my critique of these blog traffic drivers, they certainly do bring in the bacon chompin' ordinary man. There will be no revolution to save the constitution without their Dorito power.

Autumn Greetings Sir,
The Conservative Meatball One