Aug 5, 2006

Melchamet HaMetzarim - Calamity Of Choice

In many corners of Israel, history is a key part of the prism through which the war is viewed. Tisha B'Av, or the ninth day in the month of Av, marks the day that both of the ancient Jewish temples in Jerusalem were destroyed, first in 586 BC and then in 70 AD, followed by long periods of exile. More recent calamities are said to have fallen on the same date, from the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492 to particular massacres during World War II.

As such, most people here say it is no coincidence that the war has come now, during the traditional three-week period of mourning that ends on Thursday night.

This period is called "HaMetzarim" - etymologically related to both "straits" and "troubles."The Israeli army has named this operation Melchamet HaMetzarim, which might be translated as the war of the troubles - with a clear allusion to Tisha B'Av.
-Excerpt Of An Article From CSM

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