Aug 11, 2006

EFFWIT's Wider "Clash Of Civilizations" Beckons

Seeing that the international community is in no hurry to help dig them out of the hole they are in, Israel has decided to expand the ground offensive that has thus far been less than effective against Hezbollah.

Making a bad matter worse seems to be the mantra. Maybe if they can piss off enough people in the region, events will escalate and the U.S. can be relied upon to join the fight.

That has to be the strategy. Viz the following:

(Eli Yishai, the Israeli trade minister) told reporters ... he believes the military should prolong its air campaign against rocket launchers. "In my opinion, entire villages should be eliminated from the air when we have verified information that Katyusha rockets are being fired from there," he said.

Guernica, anyone?

The diplomatic delaying tactic by the United States continues, with adverse consequences for Israel on the ground now, and probably for the U.S. soon. It is clear now why the neo-cons thought that John Bolton would be a good pick for U.S. ambassador to the U.N.. The "clash of civilizations" beckons:

(T)he United States has backed Israel's demand that it be permitted to remain in southern Lebanon until a new, larger and more muscular international force is brought in to supervise the 50-mile border and guarantee that Hezbollah can no longer attack Israeli cities. Bolton insisted that the United States is committed to ensuring an "effective security presence in the southern part of Lebanon as the Israeli forces withdraw."

"We don't want Hezbollah to re-infiltrate the southern part of Lebanon," he added.

That's putting the cart before the horse, to put it mildly.

Israel has been unable to eject Hezbollah from South Lebanon. Bolton is setting up as a diplomatic sticking point a fanciful scenario that is unrealistic in the short to mid term timetable for a cease-fire that the international community (sans the U.S.) recognizes as being essential for defusing a wider conflict.

A wider regional war against Islam is clearly the goal here of the United States. If the nearly month-long preclusion by the U.S. of effective diplomacy isn't evidence enough, the steadfast refusal to view events with the dispassionate clarity that real crises demand is an error of commission.

Errors of commission are usually not really errors at all.
-Exerpt Of An Article By Effwit

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