May 6, 2006

A View To A Coup

Insurrections and counter-insurgency operations, coups and countercoups - these have been the gaining Hegelian machinations of strident factions within and between both the Pentagon and the CIA for the past few years. Although next to nothing of this has been processed and packaged for public consumption by the regular Goebbelites of the fourth estate (or any estate for that matter), a muted civil war is raging within two of the institutions that more than any other stand for the real continuity of American power and policy beyond the soap operaesque windowdressing of poetically democratic squabblings over social security, immigration, and robotic missions to Mars.

Just below the veneer of cohesive and controlling civil government murmurs an escalating battle for decisive control of America through control of the Pentagon and the CIA - and thus control of what America controls and will control in the world at large. That nothing, less the most steganographically encrypted emanations of these hitherto covert battles, has reached the shelves of WalMart for public consumption reflects the dire and decisive nature of the stakes at hand for those involved. This silent civil war is intended to be resolved within the shadows of the myth of a God-graced nation at war without and at peace within.

Porter Goss's resignation is but one of many scintillations born of this belligerent brew. You might feel an urge to pick a side (if you could find one) but neither side needs or wants your involvement so just stick to American Idol if you have an insatiable desire to root, rave, and revel in the victory of a one over another.

P.S. The Bush clan will now do all to claim that the CIA is in shipshape and that they
"believe the agency is on a very even keel, sailing well," to save face and keep the reality of this civil war under the public's radar. Bush's support and vested interests in attempts to crush a certain faction within the CIA has precariously floundered and now these enemies are coming at him and his cahoots with gathering and emboldened force. Bush is deeply shaken and visibly scared. (Notice his trembling thigh grip in the video).

There might not be blood on marbled floors as of yet but the game is now as physical as it is growing in lethality. The President is trembling - and most ominous of all, the President is saying that all is normal.

This is not a resignation. This is a visible manifestation of a countercoup in the true sense of the word.


Donald Douglas said...

Goss most likely was a simple hack, unfit for the job, in a position that is steadily losing influence inside government. No need to go into all of this coup and countercoup stuff to describe it.

Meatball One said...

Peut être, peut être - but he was certainly placed in a critical position of decisive import to George at a most critical juncture at that. Such a confluence of circumstances per se might make reliance on the Good job Brownie apologetic seem somewhat fainéant.

Added to that, but hardly evidentiary in any credible way coming from a stumpy gal named Meatball One, I've been told by weathered and weathering insiders who find themselves invoiced by your humble servant from time to too seldom a time that Georgy was out to deliver the mother of most bitchslaps and chronically subjugate what he perceived as weighty and unruly factions within the CIA that were near diametrically at odds with him (actually, and of no minor significance, at near complete odds with the VP's office and its shadow staff of national security advisors). Monsieur Goss and the creation of the DNI are to be seen in that, as well as another, light...according to, well, these my murky friends. That retired generals and CIA action-nerds are now tripping up the Don and his Donatellas every which way and loose is part of the payback for attempts of old & new at stifling them and robbing their quarters as they've come to know and love them of their juice. A good train a coming is sometimes a long train a coming and seems to be a choo-chooing around the ol' bend quite cheekily.

But hey, if you can find time and reason enough to point my freckled pug-nose towards reasonably convincing evidence, or inuendo at that, that Goss was a just a sushi eating Brownie and not a soldier KIA'd on a deep mission to eliminate his Boss's enemies...well then I'll set you up with the world's certifiably best Dry Martini should our paths ever cross. Hell, I'll keep pouring 'em up till you choose to drop. But I ain't serving those perfect dry martins in state that begins with Ohio or ends with Arkansas.

Thanks for your two cents of Calfornian ruminations - and for dropping by this ol' whore house of inuendo and Christly insolence.