May 18, 2006

Then Tomorrow - Plame It On The Whispers

The Swinging Twenties
It's the 1920s and oil company representatives sit in a hotel room in Brussels and draw a fat red line around Iraq on a map of the Middle East. Oil is not to come out of Iraq. If oil flows out of Iraq are not curtailed then the price of oil on world markets will collapse.

Millennium Machinations - 323 vs. 101

Two secret and competing (and somewhat conflicting) plans for the Middle East are drawn up in the shadows and will turn out to set off a hidden policy war in the coming years between neo-conservatives at the Pentagon on one side, versus a combination of "Big Oil" executives and US State Department "pragmatists" on the other side.

Plan One - The Neo-Con Revolutionaries For Lenin
The Neo-Cons plan to radically transform the Middle East with US military force and in the process break up OPEC and destroy Saudi Arabia. Cheap oil will flow and kill the power of Arab states while leveraging Israel's powers to project further influence in the region. The Neo-Cons plan to smash open regional markets for US corporations to make aggressive inroads.

Bush has yet to take office and Neo-Cons are busy at work on what will become a 101 page plan intent on using Iraq's oil to destroy the OPEC cartel through massive increases in production above OPEC quotas. The Neo-Con plan details the breaking up of Iraq's nationalized petroleum resources and facilities, and by the theft of Iraq’s oil by privatization the plan promises the allure of plummeting world oil prices.

Plan Two - The Big Oil Pragmatists
Bush takes office in 2001, long before the September 11th attack on the US, and Big Oil companies and their consultants work out of the James Baker Institute. They are beginning to draft a 323 page plan in coordination with a secret committee out of the Council Of Foreign Relations.

The plan is to control Iraq enough to ensure that Iraq enhances its relationship with OPEC. The plan entails securing the power of Saudi Arabia and OPEC to promote high oil prices and ensure the continued inflow of petro-dollars into the US economy.

In direct opposition to the Neo-Con plan, Big Oil calls for the creation of an Iraqi state-owned oil company favored by the US oil industry that will cooperate and strengthen OPEC to stabilize oil prices at high levels and ensure their access to the region's oil whereas privatization would threaten it. The US State Department supports the plan and its design for a forced coup d'Etat where the 82nd Airborne is sent in and replaces Saddam with a new dictator and a new mustache, keeping the Baathists in power. Colin Powell supports the plan. Fast in. Fast out.

Nowhere in the drafting of any of these plans is George W Bush present. He is just to be the useful idiot. The front-man. Or the fall guy if fate should have it so. End of story.

911 Policy Coup d'Etat
With the traumatic events of 911 the Neo-Cons seize control of policy. The Big Oil and State Department plan is trumped by the Neo-Con plan. The Neo-Cons make hurried efforts to enact their revolutionary 101 page plan. The only obstacle that remains is to secure the fake excuse for invading Iraq. The US population has to be convinced that going to war with Iraq is necessary without revealing the real reason for going to war.

The Downing Street Memos - Voila

Meetings are held 8 months (July 2002) before the predetermined invasion of Iraq between the highest officials of the US and British governments. Notes are taken of the attending officials' private conversations. These notes make up the two and a half page Downing Street Memo.

The Downing Street memo reveals officials attempting to figure out what the publicly declared reason for the war should be. The memo documents the officials' struggle to concoct ideas on how to convince their populations that the war is absolutely unavoidable and absolutely necessary for reasons other than those in any of the competing plans for Iraq. The officials discuss pretexts such as self defense and humanitarian relief.

One particularly creative plan involves staging some incident that would manipulate the UN to approve the war. This plan suggests demanding that Saddam accepts inspectors on the assumption that he will refuse. When he refuses the UN will then provide the US sufficient cover to attack Iraq. Sound familiar in the present context of Iran? Suckered you once and they can sucker punch you again.

Such is the basic outline of the planned charades. The decision to attack Iraq came first. The discussion on how to justify it came later.

Ensuant to this, a massive psychological warfare campaign waged by the US government against its own population was kicked off, one similar if not nearly identical to the psychological warfare campaign presently being waged by the Bush Administration against Americans to procure sufficient support to attack and destabilize Iran.

Musical Chairs For Spooks – NSA For You
Subsequently, we've witnessed revelations of vicious attacks on anyone who sought to deconstruct the faked justification for the war and blow the cover off of the pretext. When WMDs obviously weren't found it set off intense smear attempts and cycles of lies by the Administration to beat down anyone of inherent credibility who challenged the blatant lie that was the official story and attempt to explain that Iraq was invaded per design instead of per necessity.

When the administration found itself terribly on the defensive in the summer of 2003 and the fake yellow cake story was disintegrating, the yellow cake story was still included in the President's SOTU address even though the Administration knew with complete certainty that the story was completely bogus. Such was their desperation to puff up public support for a war based on secret agendas. And such was the desperation that led them to retaliate against Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame. And as such was their desperation that they had the audacity to blame the CIA for bad intelligence when in fact the Administration had taken perfectly good and actionable intelligence and politicized it into a state of utter corruption so the Administration could wage its pretexting psychological warfare campaign against the US domestic front.

The CIA did not stand idly by this attack on their professional efficacy.

The CIA began to leak information embarrassing to the Administration. The Administration decided to plug the leaks at the CIA that threatened to publicly topple its false pretexts for going to war and reveal its true reasons for invading Iraq. They installed Porter.

The subsequent firing of Porter Goss from the CIA and the recent nomination of Hayden to take his place are directly related to the secret reasons for the invasion of Iraq and the lies told to sell it at home where the tax revenue and bodies to fund it would come from .

We reported earlier that the Goss (and Foggo) sackings were part of a counter-coup at the CIA. Goss’ sole purpose at the CIA was to stop the flow of leaks beginning in the summer of 2003 in the wake of the failure to discover the non-existent WMDs and the rising insurgency that were damaging to the Administration.

The Administration that had faked intelligence per politicized corruption of perfectly good reports found themselves precariously vulnerable to charges of fraud and high crimes so they blamed the CIA. The CIA countered by leaking to counter these false charges and defend itself. Porter was installed to stop these leaks. Key professionals at the CIA began resigning en masse. The fight back against Porter was so effective that he had to be replaced if the war on the CIA was to be successful. The Administration truly fears the CIA. The Aministration and the CIA are about as close as you can get to presently sworn enemies.

Now the administration is looking for someone else to take over where Goss and the Administration got counter-couped. The Administration wants a man to run their errands and shut the CIA up from disclosing lie-denuding facts that will expose the Administration’s high crimes and threaten the interests that bolster them up. Make no mistake though - the CIA isn't leaking to bring you the truth. They are leaking to use you and partial truths to save themselves. There is a slight difference.

Hayden has been directly associated with the NSA's Catch All program (video file) and is darkly entrenched in the Administration's pocket per way of his criminal activities at the NSA run on behalf of his Administration task masters and his love of a comfortable pension over his respect for the Constitution he once swore to defend. At his NSA post, Hayden managed to implement a reign of terror to ensure that the Catch All program and its anti-American spin-off applications would not be leaked by employees frustrated with the crimes they were being tasked to perpetrate against America, its constitution, and its citizens.

Now Hayden is being brought in to shut up the CIA and keep you from learning the truth about the true reasons the Administration went to war and to prevent the CIA from leaking what it knows about the full extent of Hayden's Catch All program and its affiliate abuses.

Hayden is the man we are to trust when he explains why the Administration is driving the aggressive collection of data on all Americans. Hayden is the man who’s one and only job now is to keep Americans from learning the truth – about anything.

Iraq Down – Big Oil’s Counter-Coup
Though the Neo-Con plan for Iraq held sway at first, it was soon bitch slapped down by Big Oil. The Neo-Con plan to destroy OPEC was rapidly threatening to destroy Big Oil's interests.

This shift in the game plan from the 101 page plan to the 323 page plan for Iraq came after the invasion of Iraq.

The Neo-Con plans to sell off Iraq's oil, pushed by the US-installed Governing Council in 2003, helped instigate the insurgency and attacks on US and British occupying forces. If your children or friends died over in Iraq then you know the name of one of the fellas to blame – Wolfowitz now demoted to the World Bank.

Philip Carroll, the former CEO of Shell Oil USA who took control of Iraq's oil production for the US Government a month after the invasion, stalled the sell-off scheme. Mr. Carroll told Paul Bremer, the US occupation chief who arrived in Iraq in May 2003, that there was to be no privatization of Iraqi oil resources or facilities.

Big oil loves OPEC because OPEC keeps oil prices inflated and that benefits all oil companies in the world – Arab and American alike.

With Big Oil counter-couping the Neo-Cons on Iraq, the Iraq war has transitioned to become one to prevent Iraqi oil from reaching the market instead of a war to destroy OPEC and dump oil prices. Thus we see the secret in-country strategy to stoke and maintain Iraq in a state of
perpetual chaos. Special operation forces are quite adept at this particular game. The goal is clear and the tactics are the stuff of text books and have been reported by SMC under the headings of Conflate & Conflagrate.

Big Oil's and the State Department’s plan serves to truncate Iraq’s petro-dollar influence and, per purposeful design, to jack up oil prices. The industry-favored plan that was first pushed aside by the Neo-Con's policy coup and implementation of their plan after 911 had been stopped by the counter insurgency of…Big Oil. Big Oil is back in charge and they love the mess in the Middle East and would like to see more of it.

If there were to be a sell off of Iraqi petroleum assets per the Neo-Con privatization scheme then the big oil companies knew they would never get anything. The goodies always go to the cronies of the likes of a Chalabi - or whoever else is in power in the country. So, the oil companies did not want to be locked out. They weren't going to go along with it. Plus, they didn't like the Neo-Con idea that if there was privatization, and production would be ramped up, OPEC would be destroyed, oil prices would fall apart, and that would be the end of record profits for the oil companies. Weasely Wolfowitz was sent packing to the World Bank.

Now the best thing that Big Oil can have is a paralyzed Middle East where as little oil as possible leaves the region except from those nations that promise to pump their petrodollars back into the US and work to ensure high oil prices. Iran is not one of these nations. Neither is Venezuela.

Iran First - Then Hugo the Boss
We don't have to force the Middle East to sell us their oil. They have to sell it and our money will do just fine. But we do want to force whoever gets our oil money to pump it back into the US.

The Saudi boys are good for holding hands with and they also pump the cash they get from selling us jacked up oil right back into the US by buying Treasury bonds that fund the debt accrued by the Administration’s spending spree. These dollars coming back as loans are what are known as petrodollars. Get it?

You pay inflated gas prices and the Saudis lend back most of that windfall. Once here, that money goes to tax breaks for the rich, government contracts to defense contractors, and the purchase of debt instruments to finance the Administration's deficit driving giveaways to their friendlies. And all the while naively pandering political science experts hopeful of landing a good looking consultancy job with the Administration pass off bullshit ivory bunker justifications and explanations for the raging lies and secret agendas at hand, hoping to soon afford a Volvo upgrade and summer vacation in Florence with their families.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez offered Bush oil at a third of current prices but Chavez wanted to keep the earnings in Latin America instead of pumping it like the Saudis back into the US where the petro-dollars are passed on as tax breaks, military contracts, and debt financing Treasury bonds. Chavez wants to develop his country instead of line the pockets of mega-wealthy interests.

Withholding oil is nada. Withholding petro-dollars is open warfare on the Bush Administration and its backing interests. This is why the Bush Administration hates Hugo Chavez and tried to stop him.

As we reported earlier, on June 1st Hugo is going to ask OPEC to recognize Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia. As long as oil is 30 dollars a barrel it’s extractable for Hugo. Hugo offered to sell oil cheap if a deal could be cut providing a floor price that ensures extraction but keeps the price low enough to save us from the destructive force of oil at 75 dollars.

Bill Clinton took the deal.When Bush came to office he ripped it up and kidnapped Hugo as part of a failed CIA led coup against Chavez.

The spit swapping friends of the Bush Administration do not like cheap oil.

The problem is that Cha
vez is trying to supplant the Saudis as running OPEC. The Bush family is linked up to big oil and the Saudis and they will not let Chavez or anybody else like Iran supplant them.

Formerly US Secretary of State, James Baker represent the Saudis against
charges brought against them by American 911 families. James Baker represents Exxon Mobile. James Baker was instrumental in drafting Big Oil's 323 page plan for Iraq. James Baker keeps a little known private office inside the Bush White House. Exxon Mobile, after Enron, is the biggest life time donor to the Bush campaigns.

Because of the Bush wars, Exxon Mobile’s value of its reserves has gone up by 1 trillion dollars in value. Meanwhile, what’s happened to your wallet at the gas station or to your neighbors' kids in Iraq? You're paying through the nose so you can - pay even more through the nose and still believe all is well in Wonderland.

When Bush came in, oil was as low as 18 dollars a barrel.
He has since built up the price to over 70 dollars a barrel.

So far so good!

Iran Next. Then Hugo.

But first you.

(and I need a drink)

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