Oct 27, 2007

No Love for an Iran Hated Less than U.S.

Nobody loves Iran. A mere fistful of countries love the U.S. Yet far more countries hate the U.S. than hate Iran. And everyone seems to love the EU.

Euroscapian Whuss Power can apparently have its day too.

Hardly rigorous, but perhaps the above is adequate as a teflonish summary of a report/survey recently released by the European Council of Foreign Relations, a newly launched European think tank comprised of a varied collection of Euromenklatura (both shelfed and wriggling) tasked per charter with providing strategic analysis on the European Union's foreign policy performance, and promoting a more coherent and vigorous European foreign and security policy.

Don't miss out on the appended Love/Hate[2-page pdf] and Google Earth approval-overlay graphics.


Adrian said...

Best picture yet.

"tasked per charter with... promoting a more coherent and vigorous European foreign and security policy."



Meatball One said...

LOL, thanks. Though I'll tell you, the pic degrading the previous post is one of my all-time favs. I've had it in ready-to-rush-out mode for over two months now, just waiting for a worthy post.

...and Yes, HaHaHa@ the declaration de ECFR.

Sweet pic von link. Tackar tackar!

theBhc said...

What?! No one loves Canada? I call bias!

So, do you think the ECFR is meant to counter the CFR with peace love and understanding?

Meatball One said...

Good to see you, mon ami.

I'm inclined to think that Canada's drawing of a blank is a blessing in disguise. Out of sight - out of range of fire. Canada keeps its goodies to itself, hidden away in the thawing north.

Did you see that Canada loves South Africa and that Canada hates the U.S.? What's the SA thing all about - any explanation?

I don't know about the peace, love, and understanding jive but I did notice that on the graphics front the ECFR web site totally wails on the CFR when it comes to deploying the full spectrum of colou)rs on God's palette. How Eurosexual of them, non?

theBhc said...


Yeah, I'm still floating around, enjoying everyone's work while studiously avoiding my own.

I'm not sure what the SA love is all about. Perhaps they still have a hard-on for Mandela, whose aura of hard-knocks authenticity still pervades even though he screwed his country big time.

Oh yes, that is colorful, with a vague Sesame Street feel; no pointy corners there!


Meatball One said...

Cheers, cowboy