Oct 4, 2007

From Suicide Bomber to Starbucks - Bob Dylan's Blowin' Odyssey

Folk music perp Izzy Young (Israel Goodman Young) recently re-unearthed an unpublished Bob Dylan lyric from 1963. Izzy originally chanced upon the 2 page lyric back in 1983 when rummaging through his papers and filed it away again only to rediscover it anew a short while ago.

Izzy used to incessantly complain to M1 how Dylan, after achieving fame and notoriety, completely ignored Izzy. This despite the fact (fact according to Izzy) that it was Izzy who first discovered and headlined the young Bob in his Folklore Center down in Greenwich Village back in the wee sixties. Izzy's whining eventually died down as Dylan for some undisclosed reason recently started giving Izzy both the time of day and comps when he visited Stockholm for gigs.

Izzy said that Dylan let him know he could keep the paper the lyrics are machine typed upon - but not the rights to the lyrics. These days Dylan sells his music to Starbucks and Victoria's Secret. Back in the day the best buck was made selling protest songs - like this unearthed diddy about suicide bombing the White House.

Excerpt of GO AWAY YOU BOMB by Bob Dylan (October 2007)
(copyright Special Rider Music)

I want that bomb - I want it hangin' out a' my pocket an' danglin'

On my key-chain - I want it strapped to my belt buckle -

I want it stickin' out a' my boot

I want it fallin' out a' my sock

I wanna wear it on my wedding finger an' I wanna tie it with bandanas

To my head

I want that Bomb -

I want it settin in my mouth like a cigar

I want it stickin from my ears like a carrot

I wanna look in the mirror an' see it in my eyes

I want one in both hands

I want two in both arms

I want that bomb to be hangin' an' hurtin' an' shinin' an' burnin'

I want it glowing and backbiting - and whistling an' side winding

I want it showin' all over my living self

I want it breathin' from every porthole

I want it blowin' from every pore

I want it weightin' me down so I can't even walk right

I wanna get up in the mornin' an scare the day right out a' it's dawn

Then I walk into the White House an' say "DIG YOURSELVE'S".


steve said...

Is this for real?

And it's good to see the comments section return. I was feeling seriously left out of the discussion.


Meatball One said...

We shite ye not.

Sorry about the comments lock down, twas inadvertant; forensic debris from a graphics tweaking session.

And it's true what I wrote about the g'd d*mn whining - that was the reason I couldn't be bothered to continue to drop by Izzy's shack when occasionally passing through Stockholm town.

I bet now that with Dylan throwing him comps, Izzy won't have the time of day for M1 should I ever start popping by his folksy shack again.