Oct 22, 2007

Iraq, Afghanistan, and Self-Inflicted Wounds

From the slides accompanying a briefing titled Iraq, Afghanistan, and Self-Inflicted Wounds by Anthony H. Cordesman (30-page pdf):

Only Local Allies Can Win Hearts and Minds, Achieve Information Dominance

  • The US can do much to justify its own position and actions, but cannot win at a broader level.
  • The host country and regional actors will dominate the information battle and war of perceptions:
  • The US and UK will never be Muslim states or be able to deal with underlying religious issues.
  • The nations in the Long War have their own cultural, social, and political values and they are not American.
  • Western forces and spokesman will always be seen as outsiders, if not imperialists and occupiers.
  • The credibility of what local governments and security forces say, not Americans, is critical to popular support.
  • Local conciliation and compromise are the key to sectarian, ethnic, and other factional issues.

Enemies become superfluous after enough self-inflicted wounds

Self-Inflicted Wounds in Seeking “Information Dominance”

  • Impossible demands and expectations.
  • Unkept promises. Exaggerated reports of progress.
  • Lack of local government follow-up.
  • Tactical operations that alienate the population; Bull in the China Shop
  • Disregard/lack of language and culture experience.
  • “Christian”and “secular”force.
  • Detainments.
  • Collateral damage.
  • Civilian casualties.
  • Worst case incidents dominate; strategic corporal.
  • Conspiracy theories. Desire to export the blame.
  • Primacy of local and regional media.
  • PAO=Pangloss
  • Ties to Israel.
  • Life is not fair, but it is real.


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