Feb 11, 2011

The Main Strategic PSYOP As Practiced By US In UK

The conservative-leaning British paper The Telegraph has published 400 of the cables relating to the UK on their website . There are some goodies. I see no harm (to us) in republishing content from cables found on Telegraph website.

Have made it through all 400 of the cables posted by The Telegraph on Feb. 4. 

We will spotlight a few of the good ones over the next few posts. We must assure any watchers that these cables are posted in full on the Telegraph's website, so the OPSEC bogeyman doesn't apply to us. Content's certainly  public domain at this point (despite claims to the contrary from know-nothings).

That said - as hard as it is for some to believe (and watchtards believe much BS) - no OPSEC was harmed in the making of this and subsequent posts.

The main strat PSYOP as practiced by US in UK. (Since GB has plenty of experience along these lines - and is active worldwide in the post 9/11 strat PSYOP - the fact that we are doing some lifting in UK proper is probably due to money issues, given traditional British sensitivities to their turf in matters of this nature.)

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