Feb 11, 2011

Davis: A Little Too Close For (Someone's) Comfort -- Or "Hose 'Em Double-Crossing Sanctuary-Paks"

The Urdu-speaking American diplomat who is being held in Pak didn't grease robbers.

He offed a Pak intel motorbike-mounted surveillance team.

Not conjecture.

Looks like our boy Davis may have gotten a little too close to a high-value AQ target - the Paks tried to intervene - and he had to hose 'em.

Whaa?! Davis was a SOF/ODA type? ;)

Anyways, we expect nothing short of a full court press to get D out. Leeway for massive & extreme prejudice must be allotted (and this at any early sign of bilking Pak-intransigence).Go Reagan on 'em on a whim.We'll pick up the tab (Our OEX Feb Calls have been good to us -- so far.)


M1 said...

ISI better hope Davis doesn't choke on a chicken bone

M1 said...

Senator Kerry -such a hetero-hero ;)