Feb 19, 2011

It's down to the ding-a-lings (Beck's show over in a year)

This article is the prod; BECK VS. GOOGLE

"Its down to the ding-a-lings (plus/minus 2.3 percent) for Beck audience. Those types all have their own theories.  They no longer need a Beck."--SMC source 

that his show will be over in a year.
that we saved the gov some money by our generic reminder to look before you turn in your ID for private sector.  
Still modeling number of saves - gonna probably be good.

The operative Communications Theory idea is likely being nibbled at.  After all, parts were funded by the Ford Foundation. Too bad gov lost the thread - holding up good here.

Jerkoffs might suspect that we are touting the Assange line. Hardly

(Feel free to feel amply dumb -- it's the true feeling that builds a resilient community)

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