Jan 15, 2007

Somalia's Broadcasters Shuttered

Don't worry folks. We have not gone to "all Somalia, all of the time" coverage.

Inevitably, events will soon return us to our regular programming.

Anyway, this piece fits into the information operation track that is part of our bailiwick.

Somalia's main broadcasters have been ordered to close, shortly after the interim president set up a new team to end the "chaos" in the capital.

Three top Somali radio stations and al-Jazeera TV are affected. They have been ordered to appear before the national security agency. ...

Three local radio stations received a letter, signed by Mogadishu security chief Colonel Ahmed Hassan Ali, ordering them to close immediately:

  • Shabelle Radio
  • Radio HornAfrik
  • Voice of the Koran radio.

Correspondents say the radio stations have stopped broadcasting.

Shabelle Media deputy chairman Mohamed Amin told the AFP news agency he was "disappointed" by the measure.

Government spokesman Abduraman Dinari told another local radio station that those affected were "instigating violence", AFP reports.

"We are not undermining the freedom of expression, we are ensuring the security of the Somali people," he said.

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