Jan 16, 2007

No Need For Mediation

Along the same lines, the alcoholic or drug abuser usually sees no need for intervention either.

A Saudi official said on Monday Iran had asked Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, to help ease tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States, as Washington held out the possibility of "engagement" with Tehran if it changed tack in Iraq.

An Iranian newspaper on Tuesday quoted a foreign ministry official denying a request for mediation.

Both Rice and Prince Saudi played down talk of mediation.

"There is no need for mediation between the United States and Iran," Rice said, referring to a standoff over Iran's nuclear program, which she said was between Iran and the United Nations not Washington.

"There is no need for mediation," Saud al-Faisal said, but added: "Our relations with the United States are longstanding ... Iran is a neighbor of Saudi Arabia, so obviously we hope to avoid any conflict."

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