Jun 3, 2006

Go Back Jack, Do It Again

If the Bush administration was serious about its proclaimed desire to engage Iran directly through diplomacy, then the requested precondition of Iran suspending its uranium-enrichment activities first should have been viewed as a potential outcome of the negotiations, and not their precondition.

All in the know, especially the Bush administration, understands that the Iranians will not bow to this precondition else the Bush administration would never have tabled it. This latest slight of hand is all and only about sucker punching us, the homeland populace, into providing a modicum of confused support for this visionary war of the Neo Cons and their crooked menagerie of friends, backers, and crisis opportunists.

Congratulations to Condoleezza Rice for creating the impression of giving in to pressure for talks and diplomacy over the brute force that in fact has long ago been, and remains, the administration's only design.

And thank you to all the intrepid regulars of Western mainstream media that reliably spun a tale of a patient administration going to extraordinary lengths to work for peaceful endings in a synthetic conflict. On the US domestic front, Iran now appears to be the incurable incalcitrant when in fact this latest gambit is just the last scam of the Bush administration's pretexting their pending attack on Iran.

The psy-war has been on you so the Bush administration can have their hard-war on Iran. Nothing really new about that. Did it before with Iraq and they've done it all again.


DrewL said...

"See. We tried. We compromised and used diplomacy, but the wretched Iranians wouldn't have any of it. So our only resort is now military force. It's their fault. The Iranians are to blame. And if we don't act now, we will face the prospect of a mushroom cloud within 18 months. We must act NOW!!"

I can hear it now. And it makes me want to hurl.

Meatball One said...

Hello Longhorn Cowboy.


Well, the shuffle works so why try to be novel and risk failure. I honestly thought the ol' Iraq charade wouldn't be deployable once more - but Lordy, Lordy, Lordy how wrong this humble meatball was. Past realities just don't seem to have much of a bunker blastin' effect on folks understandably busy keepin' up with the Jones and their insurance premiums. It's still kinda' amazin' though, ain't it?

DrewL said...

Well, I may live in Tejas, but I most certainly am not a Longhorn or a Cowboy, either literally or figuratively speaking. Old Connecticut Yankee Dubya has already carved out his carpetbagging niche in that regard. Sadly, most Texans are naive enough to believe the Longhorn bullshit he slings around. At least, those of the bible-thumping, gay-bashing, abortion-banning, war-loving, tax-cutting, Republican-voting variety.

Meatball One said...

Well at least I've heard that Dallas has a great allergy clinic. And once I almost drove from Miami to some place in Texas cuz I heard of some joint that had the best hamburgers (or was it pizzas) to be had almost anywhere. But I ran out of steam near Coconut Grove. I'm going to have to remember the name of that joint and Google Earth it some day.

But hey, I hear Austin is a fun place? Am I wrong?