Apr 20, 2006

One Final Solution To Go, Please

Much speculation is being put forward that Israel, as opposed to the U.S., will carry out any eventual attacks against Iran to avoid provoking Iran into activating what has been described as their sleeper cell Shia assets in Iraq.

We at SMC find such speculation to be wrong at best.

The U.S. will attack Iran without the assistance of any identifiable Israeli assets.
We believe that the Israelis have long been promised an attack on Iran that will at least transform Iran into a nation engulfed in steady state chaos thus rendering it too impotent to project competitive regional influence.

Israel would nev
er have sat idly and uncritically by for as long as they have as Iraq fell into chaos if Israel had not been firmly promised corresponding degradation of Iranian conditions to offset the relative rise in Iran's regional influence given the present absence of an offsetting bulwark in the shape of a functional Iraq.

Oppositional groups within and outside Iran will continue to receive ramped up U.S. support if only to lend credence to the cov
er story of an attempt at rehabilitory Iranian regime change. The activities of the Iranian oppositional groups will be profiled as being democracy-friendly opportunistic forces awaiting in the wings to promote and seize Iranian power once the present regime is destabilized sufficiently by a massive U.S. air war. Of course, such change will not come to pass.

Instead, the present regime will gain a surer foothold on power consequent to the U.S. attacks. The Iranian regime will become more despotic and Iranian civil society will suffer the double blow of deadly internal and external stressors.

Israeli influence has in all probability convinced American policy drivers that Iran is a world problem and not just a regional problem - and a world problem means that Iran is an American problem which must be dealt with by expending American assets.

Since the purported immediacy of the Iranian nuclear threat is but a fabrication, the sole rationales of the attack on Iran are to appease two complementary bodies of designs on the region; Israeli aspirations for greater economic, military, and political projective powers in the region and petro-industry interests - or vice versa if you so will.

No amount of billboarded negotiations over Iran's civilian and military nuclear activities will change the dynamic of the underlying and driving rationales for the planned destabilizing attack on the physical infrastructure of Iran.
Thus all song and dance activities about bringing Iran into nuclear submission are but part and parcel of the major theme of a psychological warfare campaign aimed against the U.S.'s domestic mind spectrum.

This domestic mind spectrum must be sufficiently dominated to allign it to support the coming military expressions of current and decisive deep agendas so that the pending cataclysmic grab for Iran will not set in motion disruptive homeland forces that tear apart the very domestic fabric which still remains critical to financing and harboring the infrastructure of the open phase of the war against Iran scheduled for the 2nd quarter of this year.

We do however project the initiation of major Israeli combat operations that will coincide with the commencement of the open war on Iran. We even think we now know that Israel is in vigorous preparation for what is meant to be a final and decisive attack into the territories it has illegally occupied for 40 years so as to once and for all render them obliterated as a viable locus for any plausible expressions for their independence. They are to be Anschlussed once and for all.

attack on the territories will be Israel's version of the Final Solution. A succesful field trial of this pending grand putsch can be studied by examining how Israel systematically moved forward it's positions against the occupied territories in the shadows of the start of the second Gulf war. This time Israel will attempt to accomplish once and for all what worked smoothly then, albeit on a smaller scale.

The dream of lebensraum doesn't die easily. But even more people soon will.

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