May 16, 2011

Believe It Or Not -- Head Of State In Twitter-Catfight W/ Journalist

The other day I stumbled upon a live battle royal on Twitter between a head of state (President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame) and a journalist (Ian Birrell).Since then, Ian Birrell has penned a piece about the spat.

There's simply too much to say about this gem of an event so I'll just let it rest by saying that this is some heavy shit. Kagame probably should have just sucked it up and kept quiet. If he had better advisors (like everyone else has) he would have been okay.

H/T to @chrisalbon for tipping off his peeps about the fracas while it was still raging.

Below is our on-the-fly cut 'n paste job of the exchange. Update: Just discovered that the folks over at A View From A Cave transcribed the event. Trust their version for fidelity - ours most certainly jumbled & stumbled on not a few of the salvos bursting in this remarkable curtain of fire.

Update: Just decided to delete our own sloppy & static transcript and instead link you to a dynamic post over at A View From The Cave. They've done a stand-up job of tracking the conversation and promise to update w/ any future developments. Can't beat that!

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