Apr 18, 2011

WaPo, Laying It On Thick

WaPo has really been laying it on thick lately.

A few days ago they had the nerve to dispute the SMC and NYT story about the 300+ folks getting their walking papers from Pakistan:
The official also dismissed reports that Pasha had demanded a reduction in the number of CIA officers deployed to Pakistan, saying, “That did not come up.”
Maybe it didn't come up in the Langley meeting between Panetta and Gen Pasha, but it sure as shit was raised a couple of weeks ago. The implication in the WaPo was that the NYT got burned.

And the same "reporter" Karen DeYoung also had the temerity - on the same day - to claim that Saudi Arabia was our main intel fulcrum in Mid-East (Jordan and Izzy might beg to differ):
Saudi Arabia, in addition to being the world’s largest oil exporter and the site of the Muslim world’s holiest sites, is the leading U.S. regional partner on counterterrorism matters.
Keeping people in the dark (or worse, misinforming them) seems to be the in-thing these days.

We have no problem with them keeping their mouths shut, but heaping BS kinda irks us.


M1 said...


The NYT this morning stands by their story.



M1 said...

Clarification: Post was written yesterday but published first today due to delays in pictorial production. Comment added today, just after the post was set loose.

AFM in Oman said...

This is a genuine question: which country in the middle east is the top aid to the US intel community? I alwas assumed Saudi....

M1 said...

Saudis? Hmm,we think somewhat otherwise.