Apr 28, 2011

More "Black Market Uniform" bullshittery

Gunman Kills Foreign Troops at Kabul Airport

Six NATO service members were killed on Wednesday by a gunman wearing an Afghan Air Force uniform while attending a meeting of foreign and Afghan officers on the military side of Kabul International Airport, according to statements from Afghan and NATO spokesmen.

It was the fourth incident in the past two weeks in which a person wearing an Afghan security force uniform attacked from within a government compound.

Lemme guess, was the inside help Taliban received in the Kandahar jailbreak provided by "persons wearing prison guard uniforms"?

That we are getting Af spokesmen to tow our narrative line following recent incidents is evidence of a thus far well executed IO matrix, although this article does show some slippage


M1 said...

Hearing that Law Enforcement will soon have a new narrative to deal with charges of police brutality.

"It wasn't our officers beating that guy, it was people wearing police uniforms."

The possibilities are endless, "the Vatican has no responsibility here, those little boys were buggered repeatedly by men wearing priest's garb."

It wasn't one of our mailmen that was banging your wife, sir, it was someone wearing a mailman's uniform and driving a "official-looking" postal jeep.

Osama is Dead said...

Bin Laden was just a part of Al-Qaeda which is just a part of the Islamic terrorist effort which is just a part of the Islamist movement, so the announcement of his death today by the U.S. government makes little operational difference. The war on terror has not fundamentally changed, much less been won. https://www.facebook.com/osamaisdeadonmayday

M1 said...

You wrote, "little operational diff"

Duly noted.

"Bin Laden was just a part of AQ"

Bit of an under-/misstatement, imho.

As to the war against terror(ists) -- we'll have to wait and see. Things are evolving both quickly and tremendously slow. To boot, we are not always but reflexive respondents, but catalysts too. Whatever the dynamic,OODA.

But sure, your over all point is well taken.