Jan 11, 2011


At the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003, I knew to within an hour or so when the bombs were to begin falling = "shock and awe."

I and a very few others I knew went thermo-short - assuming the Middle East was going to go apeshit. (You can check the tape.) As soon as war broke out, the market rallied like a mother, and I was creamed for days (if not longer) until I threw in the towel.

Later, people I knew were saying "of course the market rallied, the market always loves war." I knew that the market had no idea what a fuckup it was, but it rallied because it thought we had won a clear victory.

Oh well.

And - vis-à-vis the unrest, the PTB is really spinning the narrative that the AZ shooter was not political.  What nonsense.  But it seems to be working.  They are conducting BDA-type assessments of their work - polling - and the American people are answering as they have been instructed.  They do not believe that the fucktard was a wingnut.

Worry not.  Gov has this under control.

At least until the next incident.


Comrade Misfit said...

Plenty of us believe that he was a wingnut, at least those of us who don't watch Fixed Noise.

M1 said...

'course he was -- and eff'd up to boot

theBhc said...

wait. wait a minute. are you telling us that you shorted on war? dude ...

M1 said...

Seeking out certain types of employment opportunities might be considered as going long.

Is shorting war worse than going long?