Nov 19, 2010

A Pull Too Far

Greetings old Thai hands! You've probably seen this:

But on Tuesday it appeared that Thailand had whisked Mr. Bout to the airport without informing the Russians. 

“This information did not arrive at the embassy officially,” the chief of the Russian Embassy’s consular service, Andrei Dvornikov, told the Interfax news agency. “There were neither notes nor telephone calls.” 

Mr. Bout’s Thai lawyer said that the Thai authorities had not informed him; Mr. Bout’s wife, Alla; or the Russian Embassy in Bangkok about the move. 

Pretty good service from the locals there.  I'm sure you'll agree, however, an op like this - in which a sensitive-type Russkie is handed over to the US while keeping the Russian govt in the dark - requires a level of pull in both DC and Bangkok that probably exceeds that of DEA.

Bout apparently felt safe everywhere outside USA (though he should have known about our client states, like Thailand).  Kinda' cool that Ivan got no notice. Spookishly choreographed.

(Thanks B!)

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