Nov 6, 2010

Cringe Is What F*g Does -- More Outsourced Torture In The Pipeline

The outsourced enhanced interogation games are still in play -- though operators are doing their fumbling best to get marks into climes of harsher interogation  w/o resorting to the more overt/Mossady characteristics of yesterday's extraordinary renditions (not that such things have been relegated to the annals of near-history quite yet).

Long-suffering friends of this shack might have deduced by now that we're not particularly adverse to renditions per se. In fact, we find them kinda' sexy. But we find ourselves quite the squeamish pussies when torture comes into play. POTUS 41 weeped when he indulged in comparative (vis-à-vis. 43) prisoner-treatment reflections. Oh well, old men are known to suffer from affect-incontinence.

Still & yet, we come upon ourselves startle-flinchy cringing at the thought that there might be more -- and recent at that -- Arars in the pipeline.

Quite the pity we're such hyper-sensitive f*gs.

We can't say more than this but give us a few months and, well....


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