Nov 20, 2007


In a post from last week at Haft of the Spear, CTA's M. Tanji wrote:

So, contrary to
Don Kerr’s assessment, no one has to surrender their privacy in order for the government to help ensure their safety. And even if no ready solution were at hand, he should think twice before repeating “the government can be trusted with personal information” line, because the list of government-agency-linked data loss events (DHS, IRS, VA, etc., etc,) is a real inconvenient truth.

Now this just in from the UK via BBC:

Two computer discs holding the personal details of all families in the UK with a child under 16 have gone missing. The Child Benefit data on them includes name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number and, where relevant, bank details of 25 million people.

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