Jul 17, 2007

Old Baltic News: Early SMC Statement on Estonian Cyber-Hype

From a previous SMC comment at Government Executive, May 23, 2007. Since then, wiser minds have caught up with our gin-pickled collective wisdom

It is an act of war from scratch - that at least is how the national security wonks specializing in cyberwar/IOs have been pitching similar, albeit projected, scenarios to policy makers for the past 10 years.

How and when to respond offensively to such attacks is another matter, primarily a political matter unless the situation degrades to a point where lives and limbs are actually being lost - but Estonia is far from such a state.

At the moment, the attacks on Estonia correlate well to standard war game scenario parameters/inputs, minus the scripted degradation of actual life-supporting infrastructure - a common resultant/assumption in most war game scenarios played by various national security entities.

The extent to which such a massive and widely distributed attack against Estonia actually wreaks havoc on life, and life supporting facilities - that is what I find interesting about the Estonian episode. How well do the inputs and assumptions of standard cyberwar scenarios compare to this in vivo run?

Are babies dying in their incubators? Are local bourses crashing and investors fleeing Estonia? Is there still water to drink?

-Replicated Comment from Government Executive Posted Anew @ Danger Room

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