Jul 9, 2007

The Motive of the "Doctors' Plot"

Professor Cole clearly isn't talking to the right "counterterrorism officials."

Counterterrorism officials have expressed astonishment that physicians and medical personnel appear to have been behind the recent terror plots involving car bombs in Britain. Physicians swear the Hippocratic oath to do no harm, and are in a caring profession aimed at healing, not killing.

Elements in the intelligence community understand precisely why it was exclusively medical professionals who participated in the amateur hour of terror attempts in England and Scotland.

It is a variation of the same reason that mostly Saudi hijackers were chosen for the 9/11 attacks.

There was no operational reason that physicians had to carry out the half-assed attempted vehicle-born attacks. Yet there was a valid reason that doctors were given this task.

Muslim doctors were -- until the botched attacks -- among the last trusted members of their religion in the eyes of infidels. These upstanding exemplars of their faith are generally reluctant to support the Islamist agenda. That is why they had to be discredited by the Muslim fanatics.

Assimilated medical professionals stand in the way of the Islamist goal of promoting strife between followers of the one true religion and the rest of us.

People usually have positive opinions of their chosen doctor, based upon personal interaction with the individual. Suspicion of dark motives would naturally poison a previously good relationship. Muslim doctors in Europe and the U.S. will now suffer from insinuations of treachery.

After the recent events in Great Britain, there will be less tolerance of Muslims -- even the societally acceptable "good" Muslims -- in Western countries.

This is the motive of the "Doctors' Plot."

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