Oct 30, 2006

Swedish Road Menace Caught

A Swede who delights in giving speeding enforcement cameras the finger while driving past at high velocity in a car without license plates has been caught.

The man, who has been recorded three times while giving the camera the finger at a speed high enough to qualify for automatic loss of license was taken by police on the E6 highway near Sarpsborg on Sunday night.

"Now his speeding days are over. The man is with us and awaiting questioning," Kay Wammer of the Østfold police told newspaper Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad.

The Swede has been clocked at 123, 124 and 132 kph (76, 77 and 82 mph) in the Sarpsborg area.

The lack of license plates gave the police problems tracking the driver down, but they noticed that all of the offenses on record occurred late Sunday nights, so they went looking for him then.

The man reportedly has been arrested for similar offenses in Sweden.

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