Oct 11, 2006

Prod 'Em Once - Hell, Prod 'Em Again: Danes Trump Pope

Last Friday Danish state TV (DR) aired amateur video footage showing young members of the anti-immigrant Danish Peoples' Party engaged in a competition to draw humiliating cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Those Danes really know how to step up to the plate and deliver on helpfully conflagrating Info
Ops designed to further define, delineate, and demonize a useful, hell - essential, enemy with one brave attempt after another at goading it into handy and dramaturgically timely uproar.

So Thank you,
Denmark. We know such help in buttressing the war on terror's pivotal and pretexting narrative and its myth of the omnipresent antagonist entails many a sacrifice on your part. The Pope, for all his good intentions and concerted efforts, just can't hold a candle to you valium-popping and Carlsberg-swigging welfare state vikings.

The video images have surfaced little more than a year after a Danish paper published cartoons of the Prophet, including one showing the Prophet with a bomb in his turban. Four months later, the images were reprinted in a range of Western media, triggering massive protests from Morocco to Indonesia. that sparked violent protests worldwide in which more than 50 people were killed in Asia, Africa and West Asia.

The video images, filmed by artist Martin Rosengaard Knudsen of the artists' group, Defending Denmark, who posed as a member of the party for several months to document attitudes among young members, show a number of young people drinking, singing and drawing cartoons ridiculing the Prophet.

"This is not an example of something that is meant to provoke. This is an example to show how things are in Danish politics," artist Martin Rosengaard Knudsen told Danish state TV - which diligently performed its duty of opportunely seizing and transforming a subsistence level artist's obscure and grainy attempt at growing his personal brand value into yet another promising international tsunami, hoped to bolster the teetering credibility of the war on muslims/terror by reminding us wavering whities (and hyper-gentrified blacks) just what short-fused and irrational reactionaries all these towelheads are - instead of just the al Qaeda thug variants of these musselmen.

Above - Still outtake from video belo
w depicting a Mohammed headed camel with Carlsberg beer bottles as humps

Below - See the video graciously aired by Danish state TV:

Muslim leaders in Denmark condemned the video, but said they would not be goaded into taking action. "Against the background of the problems earlier, we have to be careful," said Ahmed Abu-Laban, a Copenhagen imam who helped organise a trip to Egypt and Lebanon last year to rally support among Muslim leaders for protests against the cartoons.

In a move aimed at going through the motions of defusing tension, the Danish Foreign Ministry met ambassadors from Muslim countries to discuss the video Monday. It was unclear how many diplomats took part in the meeting hosted by Foreign Ministry director Ulrik Federspiel or which countries they represented.

Foreign Ministry officials explained to the ambassadors that the government had denounced the drawings and that the footage had been removed from the two Web sites that had posted it, the ministry said.

Citing critical media reports from many Muslim regions, the Foreign Ministry cautioned against travel to Gaza, the West Bank, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

"Against that background, we urge Danes to use caution as the matter could possibly lead to negative reactions. The atmosphere and reactions can vary dependent on time and place. Danes should be aware of the local mood," the ministry said.

The videos were pulled from Web sites Monday, as well as from the Nyhedsavisen newspaper's site, as two youths seen in the clips were reported in hiding and the Foreign Ministry warned Danes against traveling to much of the Middle East. The purpose of the original publication was "not to insult Muslims or expose any members ... to any danger," said the paper's editor, David Trads.

In Jordan on Monday, the Jordanian associations, a powerful umbrella for some 200,000 professionals including engineers, doctors and journalists, said the video "reveals hatred toward the Prophet who came to the world with a message to enlighten the people."

"We call on all Muslim states to sever relations with Denmark or any other country which harms Islam," the associations said in a statement.

They said the video revealed the "nature of the struggle between Muslims and their enemies which are led by America."


David Wilson said...

keep in mind that the Danes were the only occupied nation to successfully save their Jews from Hitler, not an excuse, just a perspective

i do like your blog, be well.

M1 said...

Hi Dave. Sorry for the tardy response...Ive been opn da road and outta da SMC loop for a few excrutiating days now.
Hey, I love Denmark..it houses the only true city of pleasure in the world...namely Copenhagen. BTW, didn't the Swedes save a few even though they also turned away quite a few who sought refuge at their southern border?