Oct 2, 2012

Greasing Our Troops From Within - Not A Matter of Broken Etiquette

That the "just disaffected recruits" tweak of the "black market uniform" IO theme is patently bogus.

The Afghan government has issued a new pamphlet, written by Afghan and American officers, that says Afghans should not take offense at cultural insults by Westerners because there are the result of ignorance… after more than a decade of interaction and cultural sensitivity training. Hmmmm.

This pamphlet implies that the spate of murders is the result of trivial cultural miscues. Even the Afghan general involved in the effort thinks it is feckless, too little too late. 
The implication is that the US and NATO command believe American and NATO soldiers are to blame for their own murders because they were insensitive to Afghan behavioral norms.

This thesis insults the Americans, NATO soldiers and the Afghans after a decade of interaction. It is preposterous and trivializing to ascribe murder to minor cultural gaffes. 

The Afghans are more sophisticated and moral than that.The killings are a manifestation of a long term Taliban strategy, not a reaction to cultural misunderstandings.

PS: Clearly the "Afghan gov pamphlet" is a US PSYOP product.

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