Sep 28, 2011

Adm. Mullen’s Words On PAK Under Scrutiny -- SMC Avenged

After the UBL raid, we've been almost alone re the US-PAK cooperation angle. For SMC, the UBL raid itself was the big tell (amongst several others).

Just recently Dexter Filkins (he of the flawed piece from two weeks ago) checked in aping the narrative we've been hearing so much of lately. (ref SMC tweet)

Then the dying Christopher Hitchens hopped aboard for a ride on the shall we attack PAK? bandwagon.(ref SMC tweet)

PAK ain't a "loyal ally" - given, but are more helpful than dudes know. (ref SMC tweet) The usual tards have morphed the necessary operational obfuscation into passionate political run-amokism that hasn't been helping matters

Happy me waking up to this piece in today's Post  SMC, thou art avenged!

(High-levels falling all over themselves trying to deal with the "chatter" bullshittery, too.)

Adultz realized that the tards were digging a big hOle for USA if their BS narrative was gonna be carried to its logical conclusion.

It don't get much better than this. (Though they are only walking back the story as much as they can without losing much of what remains of their dwindling credibility)

"U.S. officials said Mullen was unaware of the cellphones until after he testified."

Ho ho ho.  He would have been briefed if it was true.  More accurate would be to say "Mullen was unaware that amateur hour was gonna involve 'chatter' bullshittery."

Its not like we haven't tried to educate them about this sort of thing.

Mullen's key involvement in amateur hour frolics here cannot be good sign.  The level of deception may have gotten out of control.  Subterfuge in furthering an op like we discussed elsewhere a few days ago is one thing, but feeding into the media circus/political spectatorism to the degree that they did is quite another.

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M1 said...

Oct 24 NightWatch discusses the US/PAK coop angle. Shucks, kinda was nice us being alone out there.

Special comment: A comparison of US media reports about the activities of the US Secretary of State's delegation in Pakistan and Pakistani news outlet reports shows a mismatch.

In the US media, the US delegation appears to have taken the Pakistani government to the "woodshed" over the Haqqani syndicate. The difficulty with that narrative is that the Pakistanis did not exhibit any signs of effrontery, as they have in the past. They did not invite the Americans to leave, which would have been appropriate between sovereign powers. Chief of Army Staff General Kayani made no public statement about alleged US demands for more Pakistani military pressure on the Haqqanis.

Pakistani media reported no stress in relations with the US during the visit. Thus it is unclear how tense are US-Pakistani relations. It is clear that the US visit involved much public posturing, an indicator of a cover story. Pakistani treatment of the US delegation's visit is not consistent with high tension in the relationship.