Mar 21, 2010

Noteworthy Targeting: ‘Sinister’ German Spy Plan Aimed at Hedge Funds

Just came upon this: ‘Sinister’ German Spy Plan Aimed at Hedge Funds, Analysts Say.

You probably have seen this report already, but if not, you may get a kick out of it. The piece also mentions Spain's national security concerns about economic "attacks" on them by speculators (which we intended to touch on in a recently neglected posting - see below).

We've always been under the impression that economic intel gathering was more common in Europe than elsewhere. We're pretty sure that it is, and it is the target here that makes this newsworthy.

Oh - and here's that related post we prepared but forgot to publish.

A Media Plot against Madrid?: Spanish Intelligence Reportedly Probing 'Attacks' on Economy

Madrid is rushing to calm concerns that Spain could be the next Greece. Now, there are reports that the country's intelligence agency is looking into whether the Anglo-Saxon media has sought to undermine confidence in the Spanish economy.

Methinks it is the Japs that really have grounds for this suspicion. (And originating from culprits other than the media.)

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