Dec 29, 2008

Foothills: Promises From a Chicken Ranch

Special schedules of long late had the better of our capacity to post & porntificate as intensely as we most oft love to do. Next week we're back again in more regular manner.

Thanks for this past year's visits and comments - and for the thoughtful posts written by intrepid & rigorous minds at the blogs/online journals we undeservedly (ie, unabashedly) link to: we're always reading you - especially when we're scrambling like frenzied chickens far from here, you, & saner realities.

Semper Fi, FOB brothers and sisters; keep the barbarian in us and other at bay for yet another night.


Anonymous said...

It would have been a shame not to. Nice to see you/your blog back! Truly. You still owe me one but there are no hard feelings.

steve said...

hey! Happy New Year, M1!

I'm off to play music for happy drunken people! Yippee!

Jeffrey said...

Happy New Year, M1. Looking forward to reading your insights in 2009!

M1 said...

Jeff & Steve - thanks,cowboys.

Anon - get off my f*cking back, thirsty monkey ;)