Oct 26, 2008

Black & White - All-American Manchurians

Pick the true Manchurian. One can't go further awry than granny did on her 401(k).


As if being Kenyan weren't bad enough, John Ray at Stop the ACLU reports that Obama is also Indonesian according to another birth certificate and that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on an Indonesian passport where he no doubt met with members of Al Qaeda.

McShame (and this supplementary)

...but John McCain—there has always been talk, and there’s evidence to suggest that there is truth in this, but it’s in his head, and only he and his psychiatrist, if he has one, know, that he—his reasons are that if the North—if the Vietnamese were to release all the information they have on him, the full text of his confessions, how he lived the details, because there have been stories, again, just rumors, that he was provided with a woman companion, and all kinds of things like that, which are—can’t be considered as fact, because they’ve never been confirmed, and very, very difficult, if not impossible, to confirm.

PS (We wish we knew as much about the AQ mindset that we do of the commy ditto - ergo this lopsided post scriptum. (We're really really old school gals)):

We have had doubts about the story of McCain's "heroism" in "refusing early release" from the North Vietnamese.

AFAWK, when Commies run detention facilities, THEY make the rules. If they thought that giving McCon's early release would have gained them propaganda points, they would have sent him back to daddy CINCPAC. He wouldn't have had any say in the decision, wethinks.


theBhc said...

The story of McCain's refusal of early release is somewhat less than special than the McCain campaign would like everyone to believe. This was apparently something almost every POW would receive upon signed confession denouncing the imperial aggression of the United States and the US military. Signing such a confession would be a breach of the military code of conduct, and US military personal would be subject to court martial. Prisoners were routinely offered early release, only to refuse the terms. McCain's refusal was neither special nor extraordinary.

steve said...

This would lead one to believe that McCain must have gotten the worst of both worlds, in that he confessed and yet stayed put in prison.

I tend to agree with M1 that the concept of a prisoner having any say whatsoever as to whether he's held or released is hard to believe.

I confess ignorance of standard operating procedures in North Vietnam. Were any POWs given "early release?" What would this even mean? Were POWs sentenced for specific times, which could be shortened? Sounds crazy to me.

Of course, much about the Vietnam War sounds crazy to me.