Jan 19, 2008

Monday Coming

Posting resumes this coming Monday.


Bustednuckles said...

Well, I hope ya had a nice vacation.
Sheesh, must be nice.

Lol, Just kidding.


Meatball One said...

Thanks Busted, though it now looks like Tuesday is the new date of return.

Superglide said...

I've provided you with enough smutt to get at least the first 10 entries started !

Noticed you joined our Forum. Sadly, we can put some nice jpegs up to go with the articles !

Meatball One said...

Yes, you're latest link de pix was most eligible for eminent domaining by the government of SMC.

Today I'm going to work on releasing my delayed Monday post (Guernica and Shock n Awe), as well as attempting to catch up on all the postings by the clever catz on my short bus blogroll.

Then I might have something skanky to say at TBSF. Also scouting for sweet early spring deals to Estonia.

Superglide said...

"Then I might have something skanky to say at TBSF. Also scouting for sweet early spring deals to Estonia."

TBSF sounds like a disease, but otherwise a catchy acronym ;)

Give me a ring when you decide to come over.

Meatball One said...

I will most definitely do so, and in good time. The only other Estonian I know is the ship doctor on the rusty Tallink bucket I chugged to Riga in last fall. I drank the pleasant old man into letting me into his examining room so as to get a peek at some of his medical journals. Nasty shit-faced accidents on those boats.

TBSF: yes it does sound like a west african contagion of the wayward pecker - or a transfatty american franchise restaurant. Gotta love 'em both.

mark said...

It appears that my browser is not reading the really, really confidential edition. :O)

Meatball One said...

You don't wanna go there Zen. You're too classy for such murky meanderings. Trust me on this. Just give your browser a big hug for all its thankless vigilant filtering.

Superglide said...

Ah, what the hey, Mark. Grab life by the short and fuzzies and open the links ;)

I'm torn between the two latest editions and could otherwise use some advice LOL

The site has done an otherwise excellent job of providing additional (ahem) material, so one no longer need look at the same old boring jpegs !

Heh !!!

Superglide said...

Mark, turn off anything that could otherwise prevent mature viewing...Then go here


Bustednuckles said...

Heh, Heh, Heh.
I didn't need to resort to spy ops to snag that little piece of intelligence.Just sit here and keep my mouth shut.
The NSA boy's and I thank you.

superglide said...

Busted, we aim to please !

More to follow...as soon as I get that dang NSA bird over the Pacific for a second or two !