Sep 8, 2007

Hip Hip Afghanistanica!

This year: my favorite blog post - (so far). God knows I struggle to defy the subtle surge and swell of it all, but I remain a recruit-able sucker for the tersely romantic narrative.

"I'm reaching out to wizzy Kid d'C. Who are you? Inebriated & Iniquitous minds want to know." ;)

C-Kid, wanna hetero-elope to Saint Tropez? We can wedgy-raid goony Gazprom f*cks afore their summer sable-furred wives for the cheap kick of it all. Non? I swear, it's not a riot but it kills time nicely while awaiting the complimentary hotel limo to shuttle us down the twilit hill from Messardiere to mistralled Chez Josef. After that, well that's when it all suddenly and seditiously becomes a ridiculous riot. Fail safe, and completely Provençalian at that.


Afghanistanica said...

Your Mountain Runneresque "online reach out" has drawn me in. If you can pay off my student loan debt and fund my dissertation field research I will hetero-elope anywhere.

But I don't mess with Gazprom or their security goons.

Meatball One said...

LOL. Suggest ye M1 be a cyber-herder of financially vulnerable grad students?

The Gazpromovites seldom have their security goons with 'em in Saint Trop - their jewelry-laden wives are what ye must fear the most. Their heavily leveraged investments in their hubbies make 'em formidable foes.

BTW, did you know that most of the showy transvestites in Cannes have cops as hubbies/boy friends? Go figure. The cops consider themselves hard core hetero-heroes. Go figure again.