Aug 6, 2007

Tori Does Baghdad Too

It's speculation writ large at this point but I'm willing to wager Chateau de Skanks that this quirky story be but da' tip of a most troubling iceberg; namely the existence of human trafficking rackets peddling the services of sex workers (primarily desperate locals) to soldiers serving in Iraq.

An explosive issue best kept under the tightest of wraps given the righteousness of the mission and the moral sensitivities of the region, non? -M1

In a posting this week on an adult Web site, "Tori of Atlanta" offers her services to private contractors deploying to Iraq. On the Erotic Review site, Tori says she will be in the Middle East for three months, including a stint in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone.

"I am in a unique position of entertaining from a secured compound," she writes, later inviting contractors to visit her Web site for details on "setting aside a few moments to enjoy some R&R... American style. Sandstorms, Camels, heat and protective gear... now a quick reminder of home!!"

But uniformed troops need not apply. Tori closes her posting with this stipulation:

"My apologies but at this time I am UNABLE to plan any meetings w/ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY. (*The members of PMC community has an exclusive arrangement during this visit*) Kisses, Tori."

PMC is the acronym for private military companies, which have deployed thousands of armed civilian contractors alongside U.S. troops in Iraq. The use of contractors has reached a level unseen in any previous American war., creating tension over disparities in pay and work conditions.

Tori limits her invitation to contractors who are registered with the Private Security Company Association of Iraq, a Baghdad-based trade group that, according to its Web site, represents about 50 companies, including Moyock, N.C.-based Blackwater USA. The trade association's logo is reproduced at the bottom of the posting.

In a statement Friday, Lawrence Peter, director of the trade group, said Tori's use of the group's name and logo were unauthorized.

"We have not, nor ever will, condone the type of activity suggested," Peter said. "We are currently investigating the source of these allegations and any association member found promoting, condoning or participating in these activities will be immediately expelled."

Tori appears to be a well-established "escort" of some repute. Two customers who reviewed her performance online rated her a "10 - one in a lifetime."

Among her blog postings are salutes to the Blackwater contractors who did security work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and to five Blackwater men who died in a helicopter crash in Baghdad in January.

Tori describes her Green Zone digs as a bullet- and shrapnel-proof, earthquake-resistant "villa" with a 24-hour guard.

She requires a 50 percent deposit at the time of booking, but prices were not listed. She also notes that Saturdays "will be observed as 'quiet' time... in keeping with local customs."

Tori, a 5GW sex worker and she probably doesn't even know it.

Anyways, this story smells fishy - we're just not sure why. We posted it and figured we can sort out the deciphering of it later. Maybe it's a phony, maybe not. These are early days. -M1

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