Jun 29, 2007

Iranian Spin From Space

Iran's state broadcasting company is launching an English-speaking satellite television channel to counter the West's influence in covering news, the network's Web site said.

The 24-hour PRESS TV news channel said its goal was to "break the global media stranglehold of Western outlets," and "show the other side of the story" in the Mideast.

A taste of what viewers can expect from the station is already evident on their English news Web site, which has been operational for a number of months. According to Alexa, the Press TV web site is ranked 75,143 for traffic usage. This means that only .0023 percent of internet users have been on the site.

Still, the numbers are going up, with a 180% increase in the last three months, according to Alexa. And the Press TV site is already more popular in Western countries then it is in Iran. Some 32.9% of its viewers come from the United States and 8% from the United Kingdom, while only 7.6% were from Iran.

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